Why Honesty Is the ONLY Policy in Recruitment

Honesty is a fundamental value, not just for Berry Rowan as a business, but in our lives and relationships with everyone we come into contact with; we believe it’s that simple.

As a recruitment consultancy honesty is at the heart of the service we offer and therefore was a natural choice for one of our core values. As Jeanette explains in this month’s blog.

For me, the relationship between the candidate and myself has to be 100% honest – it is in everyone’s best interest and avoids issues further down the line in the recruitment process.  At Berry Rowan we specialise in permanent long term opportunities, so it’s important for our clients and the candidate that we get the process right and the outcome works for all parties.

Often, candidates may gloss over the importance of certain aspects of a job. Take location, for example, they often say they are willing to travel further afield as a way of showing commitment and interest in a job. It’s our job to test and check this; I am very honest with them and open a dialogue by asking lots of open questions to really understand their motivations.  Asking plenty of what if’s and testing scenarios.

I would like to thank Jeanette and her team for finding me a new role and making the entire job searching process very easy, and considerably shorter than I had expected.  Having met with Jeanette to discuss in detail my experience and career to date, and what I was ideally looking for in a new role, Jeanette set up an interview with a local company, at which I was successful.  Information and feedback provided by Jeanette throughout the process was excellent, and I very much appreciated her honest and open approach.  I would highly recommend Berry Rowan’s professional and efficient services to anyone seeking a new position.  P Downing

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So, I ask if in 6 months when they may be a bit fed up with the longer commute or journey and another opportunity arises closer to home, would they be tempted. I usually ask them to go away and think about it before committing. It’s amazing how often they come back to me and thank me but say they have decided not to proceed for this reason. Rather than convincing them otherwise for the sake of making the placement fee, I do what is right for them – after all, it’s their future.

My relationships with my clients are also based on honesty. It’s vitally important that I gather all the information about the company and the role. This includes challenges, environment and sometimes particularities within the business which help me to match the right candidates. Some candidates are happy with a more relaxed environment, others will be frustrated by lack of structure. Sharing as much information as realistically possible helps to avoid disappointment and misunderstandings and facilitates accurate matching of candidates for a permanent role.

On the flip side, people don’t always appreciate honesty or know how to deal with it, even when it is intended to be positive and constructive. If I relay feedback from a client to a candidate (or vice versa) and the recipient refuses to accept it or disagrees it can be difficult.

Honesty can only help them move forward but it has to be received with an open mind and a willingness to listen.

Honesty in Recruitment

Employers Should:

  • Give realistic person or job specification– the more detail the better.
  • Include duties, hours and be specific about salary and whether there is any flexibility in any of these.
  • Give honest feedback about candidates to recruitment consultant.

Candidates should:

  • Provide all essential information and not be afraid to state job expectations
  • Consider all aspects of job opportunity and be prepared to rule out unsuitable opportunities
  • Give honest feedback about interviews
  • Feel able to speak up if the roles they are offered do not match their needs


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