What reliability means to us!

The second in our series about Berry Rowan core values, Jeanette is looking at what ‘Reliable’ means to her.

Providing a recruitment service to businesses means we are part of a virtual team and become a trusted partner when companies are looking to grow and take on new staff. For us, being reliable means that we can be called upon, often at short notice, to find the best candidates for a vacancy. Clients rely on us to advertise, do initial interviews and short list – it’s a responsible role and we are lucky to have many clients who can rely on us for this service.

Of course, when interviewing and short-listing candidates, reliability is one of the key factors we look for; we can’t refer people who are not reliable as it compromises our relationships with clients. Often the journey from application through to registering and then interview with the client reveals a candidates true colours – here’s an insight into my experience with a not so reliable candidate I was due to meet a few weeks ago.

“I have just spent an hour and a half waiting for a candidate who insisted they were ‘nearly there’. I was waiting in Bristol after taking time out of the office – this candidate had already cancelled coming in for a registration interview in Portishead as it was too far. I agreed to meet in Bristol as that was where the vacancy was. Despite numerous texts telling me he was close by the candidate just didn’t turn up! What a complete waste of my time..… talk about unreliable!” 

Also, a couple of weeks ago we had a very enthusiastic candidate who accepted an offer and seemed completely happy and keen to let us know when they could start after handing their notice in.  We waited for confirmation of start date – a week later and the candidate had not even had the courtesy to get in contact or to answer my calls. It’s always surprising how people who appear reliable can behave like this – without explanation! We were left to explain the situation to our client who had interviewed and offered the job. Luckily, because we kept in touch at each stage, the client was understanding and we began the process again – and found a suitable placement.

“The recruitment of our recent role had been a challenging experience, which was eased by Berry Rowan perseverance and good communication.  Recruiting with tight deadlines is always challenging, without the inconvenience of an unreliable candidate although in this case we were lucky that we discovered this about the candidate before they started.  Jeanette understood our position and proved very reliable in continuing the hunt for the right placement.” Claire Taylor, General Manager, JH Group

On a more positive note our office administrator Liv has been an absolutely star. I can rely on her to complete tasks and to enthusiastically take on new tasks. She came in today which was her day off to help with something I needed. I feel she enjoys being valued as part of the team and was really happy to help.

thank you message

Finally, by being reliable and professional you can make someone happy. We received this from a Berry happy candidate today.