Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm

As a recruiter and a business owner, enthusiasm was one of the key values I wanted to instil in the business.

You cannot underestimate the value of having enthusiastic people around you and introducing enthusiastic candidates to my clients. It stems from my own enthusiasm and passion for recruitment and it’s something that people comment on and respond to when they deal with me or the business.

“Professional, enthusiastic and lovely! Thank you so much to Jeanette for all of your help and guidance throughout my job search right up to my first day at my new job!  Elizabeth Macleod, February 2019

 Enthusiasm builds confidence, it gives you the energy which is essential to succeed in many aspects of your life. Enthusiasm is an attractive trait in others – it makes you feel positive toward them and inspires them to believe in you. It’s a vital characteristic to carry into interviews and the workplace.

Enthusiasm at Interview – In an interview situation something as simple as body language such as sitting up straight, good eye contact, a smile and upbeat tone of voice are all traits which reflect positivity and are what I look for this in candidates we interview on behalf of our clients.

How often have I heard it said that you can train someone in a new skill, to use software package, or learn office processes, however, it’s  much more of a challenge to train someone to be enthusiastic or to have the right attitude towards tasks, work or life in general.  I believe this is very true.

Enthusiasm at Work – In the workplace, enthusiastic traits include turning up on time or a few minutes early, contributing at meetings, taking part in out of work activities, flexibility to assist in things that may not be on their job description and going above and beyond – showing that they want to be at work and are keen to do a good job. The people who complete tasks with readiness and enthusiasm are more likely to stand out and be praised and offered progression.

Having a positive mental attitude goes a long way to dealing with difficult situations too – maybe you don’t the job you wanted, or it takes longer than expected. Those who find a way to express themselves, turn negatives into positives and can demonstrate how they have dealt with it can really shine as individuals.

At Berry Rowan we are proud of the enthusiasm we bring to recruitment. So,  if you are looking for a candidate and would like to know how you can tap into our enthusiasm to help you find the perfect person for your role give us a call 01275 390577

From the first contact with Jeanette in response to my application right through to finding out how I’m getting on in my new job, her interest and enthusiasm has been second to none!! Alicia Brown, Hamiltons