Good Manager or Great Manager – What Makes the Difference?

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What Makes a Great Manager

Have you heard the saying ‘people don’t quit a job, they quit a boss’?

It’s often cited that 1 in 2 people will leave their company because of their Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor. A recent Harvard Business Review revealed some research which discovered the real truth is that “managers need to design jobs that are too good to leave.”

So how can good managers become great managers?

So how can good managers become great managers?

Communication is key. Great managers are active listeners and they know how to share information in an effective way, so that the team will not only hear, but understand what’s expected of them.

Empower the team. Allow all members of the team the freedom to do what you’ve asked but be on hand if they need support or advice.

Enable the team to be successful. Recognise what skills exist within the team and bring in under- utilised strengths. Makes sure individuals are challenged! Help people perform at their best with projects that energise.

Motivate your team. Treat everyone in the team as an individual and understand their unique motivational ‘hot buttons’. Do they enjoy being challenged and stretched? Perhaps they prefer to develop new ideas and drive change? Maybe their motivation is a safe, secure role within a great team.

Never lose sight of the vision. Help your team to stay focused on the vision – this keeps their activity aligned with goals and will contribute to the progress of any project

Be results oriented. It’s easier for a team to work well if they understand what the end goal, how productivity can be improved and how to prioritise tasks.

Interpersonal skills are important too. Get to know your employees and team members as people (they have a life outside of work). Make it easy to join your team. Do social events work? They won’t appeal to everyone but may be a great way to oil the wheels of activity.

Recognise your own development and learning needs. Part of being a great manager is knowing which skills you need to improve to help you manage people. It’s naïve to think everyone is naturally a ‘great’ manager. For help or advice speak Mayler Management Coaching who focus on in improving management skill by developing behavioural flexibility and perspective.

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