Fun and Productivity in the Workplace

With summer holidays now a distant memory, we were thinking about ways of keeping the ‘summer vibe’ post-holiday happiness going in the workplace. Whether you work full-time or part-time you want an environment that encourages a fun but productive culture; where everyone enjoys what they do, and the job gets done.


As Fun is one of our core values, we’ve done a bit of research and found plenty of ideas,  we just thought we’d share a few that we think might add some enjoyment to any workplace. We love these ideas from Business Insider

  • Create ‘happiness boosting traditions with your co-workers’. Maybe you always pop out for coffee at 11am, why not have a weekly ‘tradition’ to buy a coffee for the person who sits opposite you?
  • Decorate your office or workspace – post recent photos, thank-you cards and print out emails or memes that make you smile
  • Compliment someone every day – tell a co-worker you liked the idea the shared in a meeting or the report they prepared or the suit they are wearing; it makes the recipient feel great and you feel good giving the compliment


This is great infographic with some simple ideas Infographic from with some tips for start-up businesses.

Fun at work infographic

For larger corporates where some of the more ‘quirky’ ideas won’t work, we read an article by Jayson DeMers who says focus on the balance which will ensure productivity but also inject an atmosphere of fun into an office. Three of his top strategies are:

  • Organise challenges which encourage friendly competition. Choose work-related and non-work related challenges.
  • Celebrate Achievements – take the time to recognise achievements within the team for work related activity. We would say take this a step further and celebrate personal accomplishments for individuals who, for example complete a marathon or learn a new skill.
  • Socialise offsite – Workplaces where co-workers get along as friends tend to succeed more, so encourage collaboration.

Here at Berry Rowan we believe “life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated – we work hard to create a fun, positive environment where we are all working towards common goals effectively and to ensure every experience with each client or candidate we work with, is positive, productive and upbeat.”

“Here at Berry Rowan we like to have as much fun as possible, anything from sharing weekend family photos to nights out celebrating an achievement. I have been working at Berry Rowan for 15 months now and I have had some amazing fun experiences, celebrating monthly business and personal achievements with anything from bacon sandwiches in the office to G&T’s in the evening. We laugh a lot! Proof you can be professional and have fun at the same time”

Liv Weddell, Branch Adminstrator