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Act Quickly to Get The Best Candidate

There is no doubt it’s a candidate driven market out there! So, if you’re hoping to secure the best candidate for your vacancy you have to act quickly.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had employers who have delayed the second interview stage only to find that their preferred candidate has already taken a job elsewhere.

In a market where candidates have lots of options, plenty of jobs to apply for and are being interviewed by multiple employers you can’t afford to wait!

Our advice is always to feedback quickly after the first interview and schedule a second interview within the week. If you see a great candidate on Monday and you think they could be ‘the one’ – get them back before Friday to take the process to the next step. It creates a strong impression about your business, it helps candidates feel valued, they get a good feeling that your business is actively interested and, provided they are still interested in the vacancy, they will normally accept.

As recruitment consultants we will let you know if candidates are being considered for multiple opportunities with other employers – you can guarantee the best people are in demand and won’t be available for long.

Here are a few key tips to secure the best talent in the current market

  1. Be Precise – make sure the vacancy is clear, concise and accurate so it attracts applications from the most suitable candidates and then give us the job specification
  2. Plan the process – let us create the advert and work with you to plan a quick, efficient recruitment process from advertising, CV/application stage, to interviews and a formal offer.
  3. Be Decisive – when you find the ideal candidate, act quickly. Around 80% of candidates accept the first job offer they receive – you want that to be yours!

If you are using a recruitment consultant to help you recruit and fill your vacancy they will manage this situation for you – but you should heed their advice.