9 Summer Perks to Keep Staff Cool

Hurray it’s summer – with lovely longer sunny days and warmer weather it can be tricky to keep staff motivated. Just when you need staff to focus on completing that piece of work or project there is always the lure of the local pub and a nice cold drink after work pulling them out the door.

9 creative ways to help staff stay cool as temperatures soar

It’s not all ice-cream and cold drinks!


It can be hard to keep staff motivated during the summer months, so we’ve come up with 9 summer perks you might want to try……




  1. Sharing fabulous food every week encourages teamwork and boosts productivity! Plan to get your team chatting regularly over tasty food – breakfast, lunch or afternoon cookies. Find a local café or caterer who will deliver – it’s a small investment to recognise their hard work. It can have great returns by boosting team work and happiness in your workforce.
  2. Allow casual dress when the thermometer hits the red. Make it acceptable for staff to wear shorts or summer clothes on days when the temperature is set to exceed a certain level. Maybe you could have an email or text ready to send out the night before to remind people they have that option on a hot day.
  3. What about changing the work day routine in the hottest weeks of the year? Is it possible to allow staff to arrive at 6.30am and leave at 3pm so they get to enjoy the afternoon sunshine doing what they want?
  4. Cold drinks on tap. This doesn’t have to mean expensive cans or bottles – a simple water cooler and supply of fruit squash is a simple idea but would be well received by most staff.
  5. On hot days, after a stuffy commute or walk to work can you offer changing or shower facilities? Maybe your office space isn’t equipped but perhaps there is a local hotel with a pool or a sports centre or gym where you could negotiate ‘summertime’ usage for your staff? A cooling swim at lunchtime is also great for motivation and time away from the office helps with focus.
  6. Open space breaks – whether it’s a courtyard or local park, having access to open space is a great way to get fresh air and revitalise staff on a hot summer’s day. If you allow smoke breaks already this is a natural extension for the non-smokers. Great on a hot day to take a 5-minute stroll around a park or just escape the office.
  7. Ice Ice Baby! What about an ice-cream run instead of the coffee run? Encourage your team to set up a rota for a once a week run to the local supermarket or shop to get ice-lollies for those who want them.
  8. Friday Summer BBQ – if you have own your office building or have permission to use outdoor space then a disposable BBQ is easy to fire up at the end of a busy day. Plan this a couple of times during the summer. Depending on budget you can choose how much you, supply or what you will ask staff to bring. You could even open this up to family members.
  9. If you’ve got the budget, then an outdoor team building day would appeal to most staff too. You will find local companies (like these) who organise team events, but if you’ve got someone in the office who’s keen you can ask them to research and organise a day out. Frisbee golf, canoeing, treasure hunts are common ideas but what about cocktail making or cook and eat events? Try and be creative.

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